The future of media production

What is the future of media production? Depending on whom you ask, the answer is completely different: The future is in the cloud! Or apps! Or mobile! Or virtual reality! And so on…. Everyone has its own prediction, the one that fits best on what he or she has done in the past. Oh my,… Continue reading

About layout applications for content first

Today an article of my Swiss college Haeme Ulrich about HTML authoring tools caught my attention: Haeme proclaims that in a content first world HTML based layout applications (like Woodwing Inception or TruAuthor from MEI) are the way to go. While I agree with some of his considerations I don’t agree with the conclusion. I… Continue reading

Plädoyer für einen neuen Grundkonsens im Publishing

  Die Fachzeitschrift “Publisher” aus der Schweiz wollte von mir einen pointierten Grundlagenartikel zur Zukunft der Medienproduktion. Das muss man mir nicht zweimal sagen! Herausgekommen sind vier Thesen, die aufräumen sollen mit Vorurteilen und die in der Branche bereits für so manche Diskussion gesorgt haben …: Inhalte und Gestaltungen, die nicht strukturiert sind, sind zu träge… Continue reading

Building multichannel experiences with the “Content Topic Wheel”

In marketing, developing a topic across different media channels has become the standard. Starting a topic in a newsletter, linking to Facebook, putting related videos an YouTube, integrating users with surveys or user generated content, linking from print collateral to the web site and so on. In the past years building these multichannel experiences has become… Continue reading